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How Much Should Your DIY Property Renovation Project Really Cost?

Depending on what you want done, property renovation costs can be astronomical. But with a little savvy planning and shrewd purchases, you can actually carry out a whole home makeover without going bankrupt. DIY Home Renovations On A Budget Because of my background in refurbishments, my wife, bless her heart, is very confident in sharing

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5 Cheap Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom while on a Budget

Not everyone has the budget to renovate their homes. Luckily, there are 5 cost-effective ways to renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank! Just the other day my loving wife says to me, ‘Bruce, we need to renovate the bathroom’. And by ‘we’ she means me. The thing is, I’m in a bit of financial

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Property Renovations: Turning Your Passion Into Business

If you enjoy fixer-uppers, perhaps you may want to consider turning your property renovation passion into an income generating business! When buying a house or looking at new real estate, most people will opt for the perfect looking house: the house with fresh paint, new floors etc, etc. However, “new” things cost a lot more

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tile renovation, low cost property renovation, how to re-grout your floor

Re-Grouting Your Floor

Tile renovation is an easy way to brighten a room for a relatively-low cost. Whether you are running a property renovation business, or are a home-owner looking for a solid solution, this is the guide for you. There are times when I do tune in to blogs and podcasts like “Homebuilding and Renovating” and “We

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Do You Need A Planning Permission For That Project?

Are you going to renovate your house soon? If so, find out whether you’ll need a planning permission for your project. The quest to obtain planning permission is similar to an epic. The process is very long and you’ll have to face many obstacles before you get to the end. Sometimes, all your hard work

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How to clean the carpet, How to clean the shower, strategies to make cleaning easier, step to a clean carpet

Simple Strategies For Cleaning The Shower And Carpet

Simple strategies you can apply if you want to make cleaning the carpet and shower a lot easier. I like helping my wife clean the house during weekends. However, I find it very difficult to clean the shower and carpet. I try to avoid doing these chores most of the time, but if I really

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DIY tips, DIY fix, how to fix holes in your wall, solution for large holes in your walls

DIY Tips On How To Fix Nasty Holes In The Wall

Holes in the wall are common damages to a house, thus everyone should know the DIY fix on how to patch these up in no time! One of the most common problems in our previous house was the semi-regular appearance of holes in the wall. My kids used to swing their bats and other things

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cleaning reclaimed bricks, DIY tips, DIY project, How to remove mortar from bricks, method of cleaning reclaimed bricks

Clean That Reclaimed Brick DIY Style!

There are times when have no choice but to use reclaimed bricks for your DIY project. In case you find yourself in this situation, follow these tips to make the work easier and safer! There are 2 common reasons why people choose to do a labour intensive task like cleaning reclaimed bricks. Firstly, they want

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Add Value To Your House By Painting Your Exteriors Well

Looking for a fast way to add value to your house? If you answered yes, then better start painting the exteriors of your house following these top strategies. Rick Otton, an author of a best selling property book, suggests that slapping on a fresh coat of paint to your house is one of the fastest

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What Every Homeowner Should Prepare For Before A Remodel

Home improvement shows make remodelling your home look so easy. But before calling the pros, there are 4 things you must do should you decide to remodel. Sometimes when I sit alone in the kitchen, I think about ways on how I can improve the layout of the area. This doesn’t happen in the kitchen

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