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Tips For A Profitable Renovation

More Space, More Profits Extra space is the number one strategy to add value to a house during a property renovation sale. It’s not the new paint job, windows, door knobs, or other furniture which do it for you. Channel 4’s Restoration Man George Clarke explained that small extensions won’t add much to the value

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Save A Ton Of Pounds With Air Tight Homes

Many countries around the world, especially third world countries, are experiencing the negative effects of climate change. To ease up on the effects of our wasteful lifestyle on Mother Earth, there is a movement to go “green” from about everything and anything under the sun, and one of these movements are focused on the promotion

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DIY Eco Houses That Won’t Drain Your Pocket

You read it right. Earth bags are just what their name suggests: a house made up of sacks filled with dirt or sand. There’s no need for elaborate plans to construct these homes, since you just pile on the bags to create one big, sturdy wall or structure, then just finish it off with a

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Top 3 DIY Projects For The Weekend Warriors

Let’s face it. Regular blokes, like you and I, don’t have a lot of time to do big renovations on our own. We may have the passion and the heart for DIY and property renovation, but the realities of our 9 to 5 jobs make it hard for us to take on new projects every

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5 Essential Renovation Tips

Renovation is one of the property investment strategies that property owners often employ. The Real Estate world is becoming more competitive year after year. As a result, property owners are more motivated to make their properties even better. If you own a home or an apartment, you are already familiar with this strategy. As soon

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4 Ways To Find The Perfect Contractor

Finding the right contractor is essential in making high-end and high-value renovations. But finding them is a tough job these days, which is why I’m sharing with you some techniques on how to spot the perfect contractor for all your renovation needs. 1. Interview Local Building Inspectors Let’s face it: few investors ever think of

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Simple Ways To Save On Your Income Property Renovation Project

Carrying out renovation on your investment property enables you to enhance the functionality of the space while boosting its value. Whether you have decided to fully refurbish your entire commercial property or just make some minor improvements, you need to consider budget first. Funds have always been an obstacle when it comes to home renovation.

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7 Things That Silently Kill The Value Of Your Home

People always want to know about things that could add value to their home, but rarely do they think if their actions and some external factors might be the one impairing the price of their property. Read on to find out 7 things that secretly kill the value of your home.

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