Month: May 2015

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New Changes In UK’s Health And Safety Laws You Need To Know

Starting 6 April 2015, homeowners performing their own property renovations and home builds are now covered by revised CDM regulations that focus on regulations intended for health and safety on renovation sites. For the most part, the new rules on Health and Safety Management won’t get in the way of self builders and renovators. But Read More

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Can Renovators Benefit From Seller Finance?

PROS of Seller Finance Many builders and renovators I know are self-employed. However, it’s not a secret that self-employed people have a more difficult time qualifying for home loans because they don’t have a “stable” income stream. I’m writing this, because banks have a more rigid description of what a stable income stream is, and, Read More

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How To Renovate A Rundown Property

Before you buy • Find a house One of the ways to find a property for your plan and budget is by contacting real estate agents. Going this route, however, could take a few months, depending on the number of clients that estate agents have. You can also try asking family members or friends if Read More