Month: August 2015

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6 Basic Things Homeowners Need To Know

Having done renovation projects for other people, I noticed that there are still some basic things homeowners should know, but don’t. Hence, when things go wrong in the house, they end up panicking over an ‘emergency’ that is actually easy to fix. Here are five things I believe every home owner should know: The Location Read More

: make your room appear taller or wider, painting your room, living in a small space, quality custom jobs, customizing furniture

Smart Ways To Decorate Small Spaces

My brother recently moved to a condominium in the city and I’ve been helping him figure out ways on how to make his room feel less like a rectangular box. Luckily, with just a dash of creativity and common sense, you can beat the limitations of living in a small space. So to everyone who’s Read More

remodelling unfinished garages, renovating the garage, unsued garage, buy a bigger house, your garage can transform

Unused Garage = Extra Space For Your House!

Almost every homeowner I know wishes that they could have extra space on their house. Some believe that the solution is to buy a bigger house, but I always convince them that it’s not always the answer. Creating extra space for your house is very easy, especially if you have an unused garage. By just Read More