Month: July 2016

how to clean an old carpet, improve property value, diy tricks to clean a carpet

DIY Carpet Tricks To Improve Property Value

Flooring is a big part of selling a home. Here are some wonderful DIY Carpet tricks to improve property value. By now, you all know that I will indulge in any, and all DIY projects around the house. (If this is your first time reading my material, then you should know that ‘I will indulge Read More

how to fix your fireplace, diy projects, diy tips, diy fireplace maintenance

How To Fix Up Your Fireplace

Here are some tips on how to fix up your fireplace There was a 2013 article from This is Money that mentioned how a fireplace could increase your property’s value AND cut heating bills at the same time. Naturally, my wife liked the pictures in the article and had asked me if it was possible Read More

bathroom diy projects, how to improve your bathroom, cheap bathroom diy ideas, cheap bathroom renovations

Simple and Inexpensive DIY Projects for the Bathroom

We take a look at simple, inexpensive DIY projects that can improve the look and function of your bathroom AND increase the value of your home! There are very many simple and inexpensive ways to make your bathroom look and function better. These DIY projects for the bathroom will not only breathe new life into Read More