Month: December 2016

how to turn your garage to a studio, how to convert your garage to a studio, make money from your garage, add value to your home

How To Turn Your Garage Into A Studio

Adding extra living space is one way to increase the value of your home as well as create an income-generating stream. Here is how to turn your garage into a studio. If you want to turn your garage into an extra living space, there are two main things you need to know: It might take Read More

budget friendly property renovation ideas, renovation ideas to improve home value, improve the value of your home, fix and flip

Best Budget Friendly Property Renovation Ideas To Improve Home Value

Renovating without an unlimited budget can be quite frustrating. Here are the best areas to spend your budget during property renovation. Almost every homeowner has had them: grand dreams of renovating that house and turning into something of a modern day castle. The problem with these dreams is that they can cost a lot. Except Read More

how to cut renovation costs, how to lower renovation costs, cow to keep renovation costs down

Best Areas To Cut Costs During Renovation

Without proper planning and discipline, renovation costs have a tendency to run out of control. Here are the best areas to cut costs during renovation. You have this wonderful idea in your head. You are thinking that you want to renovate the house. Maybe you want to modernise the kitchen, do something about the bathroom Read More