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5 DIY Renovations You Can Finish Over The Weekend!

Regular folks use their weekends to relax.

But if you want to make your weekends more productive by transforming your house to looking fresh and new, why not try some of these DIY projects you can finish in one weekend:

Strip and stain wood cabinets

Stripping and staining breathe new life to old wood furniture and cabinets. Aside from that, sealing these items with polyurethane also helps in increasing their durability.

First step is to remove the cabinet doors and any hardware attached to it. Then proceed to wiping the surface with mineral spirits to remove any dirt, dust, and grease. Let it dry and apply a gel-type stripper following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a putty knife to remove the stripper after it has set.

Next step is to sand the wood surfaces. You’re going to use some elbow grease in this part, but the effort will be worth it in the end. After sanding, use a disposable sponge to apply stain on the wood. Don’t forget to apply it in a direction following the wood’s grain. When it dries, coat the surface with polyurethane.

Patch holes in the wall

If you’re tired of seeing those small holes you made when you were hanging up picture frames or small artworks, there’s an easy DIY project for this woe. Just plaster a surfacing compound on the small hole with the use of a putty knife. For larger holes, just place an adhesive patch over the area and spread an all-purpose drywall compound over it with a trowel.

Add grab bars

Grab bars are short bars placed beside toilets and it’s become a pretty popular DIY project recently. It’s becoming a prominent feature in modern bathrooms, because it makes the bathroom more accessible and usable for people with injuries and those who have physical disabilities.

When installing grab bars, it’s important to find studs in your bathroom walls and mount the bars directly in it. Otherwise, you might end up taking down the whole wall when you try holding on to your grab bars.

Replace an old appliance

Buying a new appliance for your house seems like a regular activity for shopaholics, but there may be good cause for you to visit the nearest appliance store this weekend.

Some new appliance models are designed to consume 15 per cent less energy compared to current legal standard, and some even consume 40 per cent less energy in comparison to models released in 2001. So if you want to improve your house’s energy consumption and bring down your energy costs, you may want to trade in your costly 1995 refrigerator with a newer, energy efficient model.

easy DIY project, DIY tips, DIY projects, simple DIY project, popular DIY project

You can liven up seemingly boring kitchen cabinets by installing new door insets.

Swap out cabinet door insets

You can liven up seemingly boring kitchen cabinets by installing new door insets. There are thousands of models available in hardware stores nationwide including stainless steel, stamped tin, wrought-iron grillwork, glass, and wood painted.

Mike McAllister, owner of Riverside Kitchen Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, says this is a very simple DIY project. You just have to remove the small flange that holds the existing insert, then replace the insert with your material and add wood or metal stops to keep it in place.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to have major renovations to update the look of your home. Sometimes, even a small weekend project is enough to add some design freshness back into your home!

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