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Best Areas To Cut Costs During Renovation

Without proper planning and discipline, renovation costs have a tendency to run out of control. Here are the best areas to cut costs during renovation.

You have this wonderful idea in your head. You are thinking that you want to renovate the house. Maybe you want to modernise the kitchen, do something about the bathroom tiles, install granite countertops in your kitchen and if you have the money for it, do something about that old, creaky porch. You know that all these will cost money. So you sit down and come up with a conservative budget. You vow that no matter what, you are going to stick to that budget and get all these things done because let’s face it, you do not have any more money anyway.

So you start your do-it-yourself renovation projects and within a week of just trying to buy all you will need for the renovation, you are already £1,000 over budget. Now, what? You have to find ways to ways to cut costs. That’s where we come in. Here are a few wonderful ideas that will help you get that budget back in line.

Compromise on the materials needed

We know you had a dream about those granite countertops, but when money is tight, you can switch that up to the next best thing. Try an engineered stone bench instead. They look almost as good and work just the same. What about the tiles? How about you go for quarry floor tiles instead of the pricey ceramic tiles. You can also go for laminate flooring instead of hardwood timber. It is all about finding a compromise. Look at the materials that are just a little bit cheaper but still very good and aesthetically pleasing.

You do not have to go all cheap if you do not want to. You can actually just buy the expensive materials for visible areas where you need to make a statement. Just so the Jones’s don’t think you are actually going broke.

Make superficial cosmetic fixes to start

As much as you may want to re-do that entire bathroom, economic constraints might have other ideas. Instead of killing yourself and going broke trying to do that, why not start with making cosmetic fixes? Change the taps, buy a new mirror and switch out the shower screen. These kinds of changes are cheap and very quick. Besides, people only ever see the aesthetics of your renovation. These cosmetic changes will have the desired effect while saving you money.

Use professionals

how to cut renovation costs, how to lower renovation costs, cow to keep renovation costs down

For safety purposes, some projects will require professional help.

This might sound counter-intuitive considering the fact that you could save a great deal on labour costs if you do the renovations yourself. But if you think about, using a professional is actually a very prudent idea. For starters, they know what they are doing, so you can forget about all those trial and error expenses that you might incur otherwise.

Secondly, they know all the reliable suppliers. In fact, they have deals with these people. By using a trustworthy professional to buy your materials, you could get the ‘family discount’ that could mean that you get to have all those expensive things you want at a reasonable rate.

Keep the plumbing where it is currently

If you are going to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, make sure to keep everything as is currently. If you move the plumbing points, not only will you incur a massive bill, but it will take forever to do. Just upgrade everything else by trying your best to leave the plumbing points right where you found them.

These are all just simple yet reasonable ways to save money when renovating your house. All it takes is a little creative and some prudence.

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