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how to repair stairs, tips to repair stairs, stair repair diy

How To Repair Stairs In Your Home

Floors and stairs undergo a lot of wear and tear, so maintenance is important to keep them functional. Here are tips on how to repair stairs in your home. There are very few materials that can build a beautiful case of stairs as good old hardwood. Oak is traditionally preferred but any type of hardwood Read More

how to add curb appeal to your house, how to add value to your house, diy tips to add home value

How To Add Curb Appeal To Your House

First impressions make all the difference. Here are DIY tips on how to add curb appeal and add value to your home. Maybe you have been thinking of selling or maybe you just want to drive the neighbours mad with envy, either way, adding curb appeal to your home will achieve both ends. The good Read More

home improvement projects for kids, diy projects kids can help with, property renovation projects, diy projects

DIY Projects Kids Can Help With

Involving kids with DIY projects is a good way to nurture their creativity and to keep them busy. Here are DIY Projects kids can help with during the holidays or weekends. Getting your kids to help with household chores can be a nightmare for most parents. Unless you find the right combination of ‘carrot and Read More

diy projects for couples, diy home improvement, fun diy home improvement projects

Best DIY Projects for Couples

Do-It-Yourself projects can be a lot of fun, especially when you work on them with your significant other. Here are the best DIY projects for couples. If you are going to undertake a DIY project with your significant other, it is imperative to note that these things can take an ugly turn at the drop Read More

how to change the floor plan of your home, floor plan diy, property renovation project

How To Change The Floor Plan Of Your Home

As open floor plans have become the next big thing, here are some tips on how to change the floor plan of your home. This is the kind of project that requires a bit more than just a little creativity. If you are going to do this yourself, you would have to take a trip Read More

how to build a trophy case, how to create a trophy case, trophy case DIY

How To Build A Trophy Case For Your Home

Are you looking for an easy, DIY trophy case to display all those amazing trophies your kids have been winning? Trophy cases are a wonderful addition to the family living room, not to mention the fact that a full trophy case will drive the neighbour mad with envy. As much as you could just simply Read More

how to create a game room, how to create a man cave, how to build a game room

How To Create The Perfect Game Room In Your Home

If you’ve ever wanted the perfect man-cave with your own signature game room, here’s how to build it! Generation X has grown up. They are now income earners and parents, so they need pay the bills and save up for their kids’ education. But deep down, they are still kids at heart, who grew up Read More

how to convert carpeted floors to hardwood, convert carpeted floors, convert to hardwood floors, hardwood floors

How To Convert Carpeted Floors To Hardwood

Replacing your carpeted flooring with hardwood brings a lot of value to the home, one of which is style. Here are tips on how to convert carpeted floors to hardwood. If you are looking to add a bit of flare to your flooring as well as some value to the house, then you should think Read More

how to build a patio, build a patio for your property, diy renovations to boos property values, improve home values

How To Build An Inexpensive Patio To Boost Property Value

If you’re interested in DIY renovations, consider building your own patio because it can boost the value of your home when done right! Everybody likes a good patio. Truth be told, a patio makes the world of difference in your home. Surprisingly enough, not only does it make your house look more like a home Read More

property landscaping tips, improve landscape of your home, property landscaping ideas

Tips For Landscaping Your Property To Raise Curb Appeal

I’ve shared this fix and flip video from Rick Otton before, highlighting low-cost refurbishment ideas to improve the value of your home. For this article, we can expound on that by focusing on landscaping ideas. When your home has high curb appeal, it will be easier to sell and might even command a higher price. Read More

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