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Renovating a Buy to Let for students and sharers – How to Maximise Space

The UK property market continues to be ripe with opportunity. Whilst the heady days of double digit growth are behind us (perhaps excepting London) there is still plenty of profit available for investors willing to put in the hard graft. Buy to let is a popular avenue for property investment, and as a passive investment is a perfectly safe and sensible option. Returns are usually in the 3-6% bracket once costs have been accounted for, and it requires little input on the behalf of the investor. However, if the bottom line is what you’re chasing, renovation can boost your income and the value of your house. It will require time and effort, but done right it should increase your income and your properties value. Read More

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5 Rules for Renovating

Whether you’re renovating a property to sell it on or renovating it to increase its rental value, here are some rules that make sure that you make as much money as possible. Read More

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