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DIY Money Saving Tips

Most people I know do DIY projects around the house because they don’t want to pay people for work that they could do on their own. But no matter how golden their intentions are, most of the time these DIY heroes end up spending more than they want. If you’re always frustrated about renovation costs, you may want to try these clever strategies on how to save money for DIY projects.

1. Do Your Homework

Before starting any DIY project make sure that know you what you’re doing from start to finish. That’s why you have to read up on the DIY project you’re willing to do. Try searching online for different how-tos on your chosen project, so you’ll have a 360 degree pespective on the work you’re about to undertake. Some aspects of the project, which may have been overlooked by one article, may be explained more thoroughly in another. If, however, reading is not your thing, you can also watch countless DIY videos on Youtube and other online streaming sites.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

Never underestimate the benefits of planning things well. When doing property renovations, it’s important to take your time planning every detail of the project, because small errors can lead to very costly repairs.

One of the most common and costly mistakes in DIY projects is forgetting to cover up furnitures and carpets while painting the walls and ceilings. Even just a small dot of paint on these items lead to unwanted and expensive costs, since you can’t replace the damaged parts without getting rid of the entire thing!

Also, don’t forget to measure your materials carefully. Wastage is a big, hidden culprit behind over budget DIYs. Always remember the saying ‘measure twice and cut once’ – meaning double check your measurements to avoid making any mistakes that will surely cost you extra.

3. Don’t Spend All Your Money On Tools

DIY project, DIY projects, renovation costs, property renovation, property repairs

Some people end up spending too much on renovation tools.

Ladies think that they’re the only ones who get a high when shopping. This isn’t true. Men, like me, get excited over shopping for new tools too, believe it or not!

Unfortunately, tools aren’t exactly cheap. To get a bargain deal on these items, try canvassing your local stores, online shops, and even second hand tools on eBay!

Declan Curran, Founder of HomeFix Direct, a London-based property repairs and maintenance company, says that it’s worthwhile to invest in tools which you can use for years. But if a tool can only be used for specialised projects which you won’t use too often, then it’s better to just rent out the tool you need.

4. Find Your Own Supplier

DIY megastores may offer you shopping convenience, but this comfort will cost you extra dollars out of your pocket.

Curran claims that if you’re just looking for screws, nails and other DIY essentials, it’s better to buy them at a local pound shop, since you can buy them there at a cheaper price compared to the big outlets. He added that you can also search in Ebay or Gumtree for leftover materials from other people’s jobs.

These are just some ideas on how you can minimise cost. I’m pretty sure you’ll find other ways to keep your DIY budget to a minimum. If you are careful and well prepared, coming up with a reasonable budget AND staying within that budget is very doable. Also, if you have excellent ideas I wasn’t able to mention, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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