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DIY Solutions To Common Damages To Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I feel fulfilled whenever I get to perform small repairs in the house. I’ve already shared some tips on how to fix the faucet and other items like that, so now I’m going to tackle how to repair common damages in your yard:

Fixing broken windows

When I was younger, I didn’t worry about fixing the windows I broke by accident. I was more worried about not getting caught!

Those were the good old days, because now that I own a house, I constantly worry when the neighbours’ kids play near my yard. I peek out once in a while to make sure that they don’t accidentally damage my windows. I guess, what goes around comes around.

In the event that a loose ball shatters your glass window, here are tips on how to remedy those unsightly holes:

If the window has a small crack, you can cover the hole with a duct tape until you install a new replacement. But if the window is completely broken, you can cover the entire portion with a piece of plywood.

After placing these first aid solutions to your window, the next task is to find a replacement window. The window type will dictate which replacement you should buy.

You can replace windows with individual glass panes on your own. You’ll just have to cut and remove the mullions and moulding before placing the new glass, and then you can re-caulk and re-glaze. Single-pane double windows, on the other hand, require more extensive repairs, and could require the replacement of the entire window, framing and all.

perform small repairs in the house, how to fix the faucet, how to repair common damages in your yard, fix the hole on your roof, how to fix the window

Fixing broken roofs

I live in a neighbourhood where there are a lot of trees around. I love being near to nature, but sometimes I feel like the feeling is not mutual.

For example, a few months ago I noticed that termites were infesting our neighbour’s tree. I notified my neighbour but he just brushed me off. In the end, a few days after I told my neighbour about this problem, a branch of his tree fell into my roof and made a big hole.


If this happens to you too, the first thing to do is find a tarpaulin or any large plastic sheet to cover any immovable items. If it’s raining outside, place a bucket under the hole to catch any rainwater.
Go outside and check if any electrical wires, phone lines, or utility pipes were damaged in the incident and then make a list of any damage to your property. Keep this document as proof to your insurer when filing a claim.

You can cover the hole with a tarp to prevent small animals and dirt from entering your house. You may call professionals to fix the hole on your roof, but you can also do the repairs yourself provided you have the skill and experience for it.

These quick patches may not look good, but they at least minimise the hassles you can encounter (especially when it starts raining).

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