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How To Build An Inexpensive Patio To Boost Property Value

If you’re interested in DIY renovations, consider building your own patio because it can boost the value of your home when done right!

Everybody likes a good patio. Truth be told, a patio makes the world of difference in your home. Surprisingly enough, not only does it make your house look more like a home while adding a neater look- it also boosts the value of it! I kid you not. Making a small change can substantially make your home look more prestigious.

When building up and revamping old homes one of the easiest things you can do is to implement this idea. My wife was very enthusiastic with regards to this new project. She was looking forward to less gardening to remove unsightly weeds.

All in all, she told me it was a great project as it limited the amount of garden maintenance and upkeep. I think the real reason or her excitement was because she had been fantasising about me building a Lapa area for her (next project, I guess?).

Now, to get back to increasing the value of your property: Today we find people are deciding to invest MORE in the back of their property than ever before. It has been noted that, during a study undertaken by the University of Michigan, they found that potential buyers valued a home with a great landscape 11.3 percent higher than one without any.

With that being said, low-maintenance is the way to go, saving time and upkeep (agreed by my wife). This is honestly one of the most inexpensive changes you could possibly make to your landscape.

how to build a patio, build a patio for your property, diy renovations to boos property values, improve home values

Remember to always keep your budget in mind.

Take note: I said INEXPENSIVE. Don’t be that guy that goes all out spending a ton of cash so that at the end of the day, you have incurred a loss and have spent more on your alterations and creations that you have made NO profit.

This project was a rather entertaining one. I had a great time with it; but I think my wife had an even greater time, sipping on lemonade under the umbrella (Clearly very excited).

Okay, so first things first. You will need the following:

  • Gravel*
  • Garden hose for watering
  • Spade
  • Broom
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Landscape fabric
  • Tamper or plate compactor
  • Builder’s sand
  • Stone, brick, paver

*Concrete – For the cheapest option look online for scrap concrete. Another scrap material which will work well is Granite countertops off-cuts or scrap lumber. Your second cheapest option will be to purchase plain concrete pavers from local stores.
*Gravel – Pea gravel (Must be used right as it can be messy to work with) or crushed gravel


  • Step 1 – Outline your patio and remove all the side. Using your garden hose create the desired shape of your patio. Using your spade remove all the soil. Dig a 5 inch-deep base as well as not forgetting to dig further (in accordance with the thickness of the material you will be using) for the placement of your concrete pavers etc.
  • Step 2 – Adding your landscape fabric line the area. This is not an important step but many do choose to go this route. This discourages weeds growing in between pavers.
  • Step 3 – Spreading it, add gravel to the open ground so that it forms a layer of 4 inches over the opening. You can use either a tamper or a plate compactor to settle the gravel. Creating a firm base of gravel. Then, add an inch deep layer of sand. Use your tamper or plate compressor again to settle the sand. This creates a firm base of both gravel and sand.
  • Step 4 – Starting from one corner lay your first stones/pavers. To ensure a level surface do not be afraid to add sand underneath the stones, placing them together as close as possible. If large spaces are left in-between the weeds are more likely to spring up.
  • Step 5 – Once everything is in place throw a lot of builder’s sand all over the patio. This will help to fill up and open grooves. Use a broom (stiff) to sweep the sand over the bricks to help fill the cracks. Using water (hose pipe) lightly mist the area so that the sand will sink deeply into any open spaces in-between the stones. You can repeat this for about a week after you have finished your project to enforce more stability.

You’re done! Time to enjoy your new patio.

Now since I completed my patio project my wife and I are loving the added space. Another great idea is to add some pot or garden plants around your patio. It looks like our patio will be used an area for outside seating – watching the sunset while gathering with the family having a chill-out drink. Yeah, now that sounds great.

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