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How To Build Your Own Entertainment Centre And Increase The Value Of Your Home

Entertainment centres are by far the best way to house all of your leisure gadgets without taking up too much space. Here are quick tips on how to build your own entertainment centre and increase the value of your home.

No one likes a living room that looks like a warehouse for storing audio/visual equipment. I know I don’t. Plus, as soon as you start having kids, you are going to need all these things to be in one central and preferably secure place: from your TV to your stereo, gaming console and even VCR (if you still have it).

All these things can fit perfectly and neatly into a well-built entertainment hub. That and this unit will raise the value of your home through its sheer aesthetic and practical value. Here are some quick tips on how to build one at home.

Come up with a design

This is the very first thing you want to do. If you are going to end up with something practical and useful, then you simply must come up with a design. Besides, it gives you something that you can use to convince the other boss (your wife) that the design will go well with all of her living room paraphernalia.

During this stage, all you need is a little practicality and a whole lot of creativity. Think of all the gadgets you already have and also include space for the gadgets you intend to get in the future. Use real dimensions when coming up with the measurements. You can use a pencilled sketch or you can use ‘SketchUp‘ if you want to go all professional. This free software will let you come up with 3D sketches and allow you to look at the design from all angles.

Build as much of it as you can in the shop

I find that the best way to approach this kind of project is to break it down into little pieces. As such, I build each cabinet separately as I would any independent box. This allows you to build every section of the unit as a box. From lower cabinets to upper cabinets and everything in between. These are all parts that will later be assembled on-site.

Install the doors and drawers

You can design the cabinet doors and drawers separately as well. Or you could just buy the doors. Although this could be tricky due to the customised dimensions. You are advised to go for elegance as opposed to complexity at this point. Simple, yet beautiful doors and drawers will do just fine.

After you have put everything together, it is time to stabilise the unit and make sure that it fits well into the living room. One piece of advice I would have for those of you who have never tried any DIY projects on this scale is that you should go for the disjointed entertainment units that you can then come and assemble. You can find these in many different stores.

All you have to do is give the attendants the kind of measurements you desire and they will find you something that fits your exact needs. It may not be as unique as you want it to be, but it will be neat and classy.

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