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How To Build Your Own Footie Field in Your Backyard

If you have space, building your own footie field at home is a good way for you and the boys to pass the time and get in some exercise. Here are a few good tips on how to build your own footie field in your backyard.

Maybe you want a private place where you can train the little one to be the next Marcus Rashford or maybe you just want some space for you and the lads to run around and play some footie while teasing each other about how lazy and unfit you have become lately. Whatever your reasons, if you have the space for it, building your own footie field in your backyard is a wonderful idea. In both landscaping and leisure facility points of view.

The good thing about these kinds of projects is that they can completely consume you. Giving you an outlet for your stress, a way to put your creativity to use and for those of us with better halves who just won’t quit, a place to go in order to find some peace. As wonderful as this sounds, it is a huge undertaking and you should be prepared to see it through, otherwise, you might just as well pick up the phone and call a professional landscaper right now. Other than that, here is what you need to do:

You will need quite a few things:

  • A spade
  • A rake
  • White spray paint
  • 2 goal posts
  • Strings
  • A long tape measure (120+ meters)
  • Hose pipe

Now, there is something you need to know about the dimensions. Unless you leave in a palace and have all the space in the world, we are not expecting you to build Old Trafford. You can play around with the measurements to fit the kind of space you have in your backyard. What you need to know is that:

  • Your pitch must be rectangular in shape
  • The two goal lines must be the same length and preferably between 45-90 meters apart, but again, if you do not have the space, use what you have.
  • The two touchlines must be the same length

Here is what you need to do:

Clear your backyard

First things first, we hope you have grass in your backyard. If not, it is not a problem but you will all get really dusty. The first thing you should do is clear out the backyard completely. Cut the grass short to a respectable level that will not interfere with the football and make sure that the field is clear of all hazardous debris.

Mark your field

Based on the measurements you are working with, mark your field in a uniform rectangular fashion. Both goal lines must be equal in length and so should the touch lines. Make sure that the triangle is completely even with actual right angle edges. Use the string and four pegs to demarcate your measurements. Once you are certain you have a rectangle, bring out your spray paint and draw out the lines.

Do the same thing for your inner markings. Just scale them down to whatever measurement you are using. Technically, if you are not using the standard measurements, then you can’t really mark out your 16-yard box at 16 yards.
To find the centre of your goal posts, all you have to do is split your goal line into two equal halves and you have it. Do the same thing for both sides and place your goal posts at that centre point. The typical goal post measure 7.32 meters between the inner edges, but there is a good chance no one has this much space to play around with, so once again, we will work with whatever measurements you have.

Split the field in half along the touchlines, use a stake and strings to cut across the pitch from one end to the other. Split that distance in half and you have the middle of your pitch. You can spray paint a ball sized dot here to mark it. Make sure all the edges are spray painted and that your goal posts have nets so that you do not kick your penalties shots into the neighbour’s pool. And just like that, you have your footie field.

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