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How To Create The Perfect Game Room In Your Home

If you’ve ever wanted the perfect man-cave with your own signature game room, here’s how to build it!

Generation X has grown up. They are now income earners and parents, so they need pay the bills and save up for their kids’ education. But deep down, they are still kids at heart, who grew up at a time when video games grew up from the humble days of the 1 Bit Atari, all the way to the 4K consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro and XBox One S.

This is why many people consider having a Game Room in their houses. And in this article, I will help you create the perfect game room!

I had many ideas on how to create the perfect game room in my home. At first, I just calculated the time and money it would take for months. Why not? It is a great plan; our children can have a space to play videogames, have fun and develop creativity.

My wife agreed with me; she knows a game room is becoming an integral part of a modern house house. I really like her good taste and ideas! Last weekend, my wife and me were on a meet up event (the monthly events organised by Rick Otton), and met some people who gave us a lot of great ideas about decoration and administration of space.

I knew it was not going to be easy, however, the results paid off for us. In our search for materials and elements for decorating, we found many interesting things. I will share with you some links with information that will definitely be helpful.

Something I learned is that we can invest in our house. I mean, I am used to fixing my house objects, take care of the children and help my wife with some other duties at home as much as possible. Each activity we make can be beneficial for the future, as an investment. That’s why I found building our own game room such an amazing experience. To make it an enjoyable experience, I’d recommend you to:

  1. Evaluate the longitude of the room. Proportions of space are very important for the distribution of furniture. It is definitely not worth spending a lot of money in furniture that doesn’t fit the spatial characteristics of our game room!
  2. Choose a combination of colours appropriated to the purpose of the room, and personal tastes.
  3. Write a list of things you will need and try to reduce the cost by including some DIY project.
  4. Creating a new room is a matter of joy, so enjoy each part of the creation work and include your family in the activity. They will surely like it, and treasure every fragment of the room.
  5. If possible, install in your door some strips to reduce noise. A game room is usually noisy. When you respect the silence of the other rooms, you can enjoy and show respect. This will avoid many troubles.
  6. Consult different recommendations about game’s activities without stress. Add those games in your Game Room. Variety is the key!
  7. Finally, do not forget to include a good –not necessarily expensive- sound system. It is vital to feel adrenaline!

It is also ok to look for professional help if you don´t know where to begin. In my case, I usually contact:

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