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How To Renovate A Rundown Property

Before you buy

• Find a house

One of the ways to find a property for your plan and budget is by contacting real estate agents. Going this route, however, could take a few months, depending on the number of clients that estate agents have.

You can also try asking family members or friends if they know any houses being sold or, better yet, log on to online property sites to connect directly with the sellers.

• Get a planning permit

For small property renovation projects inside the home, you won’t have to secure planning permission from the local council to get this project rolling. However, if you’re planning to make structural changes to the house, this is when a planning permit becomes necessary or else the council may be forced to shut down your construction.

• Let a surveyor check the property

Before getting in too deep with the project, call up a surveyor and let him check the current condition of the house. This survey is crucial especially with the walls or parts of the roof, because are the most expensive parts of the house to replace. If the surveyor gives a thumbs down on the property, then the best decision is to back out of the deal.

• Make a master plan

When I say make a master plan, this just doesn’t mean drafting a blue print of the house you’re planning to build. This also includes plotting the timeline of the project and the entire renovation cost. Otherwise, you’ll risk wasting tons of money and you will likely have unwelcome surprises during the renovation because of poor planning.

Planning really helps a great deal when you’re working on a tight budget, because it helps you put together a list of priority projects. When budget is tight, you can draft a renovation checklist where you line up a few projects to be completed first, then leave the rest for another time when you have the proper budget to spend.

After you buy

estate agents, property renovation, renovation cost, renovation checklist, find a property

It’s important to determine whether your presence is necessary during construction.

• Decide if you’re going to stay in the house during construction

Ask yourself, will your presence in the house interrupt any of the construction happening around you? If yes, then it’s better to find another place to stay in until the construction projects are finished. If no, then it’s acceptable to stay in the premises.

• Hiring contractors

Whether or not you’ll hire contractors from a building firm or hire each of them directly also depends on how much your budget will allow. If you are going to hire the contractors independently then it is essential that you have a plan of what needs to be done to the house. You may find it helpful to hire an architect or builder to get their advice about structural changes.

• Be on site all the time

Be seen on the property as much as as possible. Having a 9 to 5 job everyday is not an excuse for failing to pop by once in a while on site. Use your breaks to make short stops to the property (if it’s near your office). If you don’t use the element of surprise to your advantage, the contractors might slack off in their work and slow down their pace. It also gives you peace of mind when you see that the right work is being done, and allows you to communicate with the contractors about how the work is going.

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