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How To Save Money When Repainting Your House

You have read all the great tips on how to decorate your house on a budget. Now it is time to learn how to save money when repainting your house.

If you’re like me, you probably like listening to all kinds of refurb and DIY shows like Home Building & Renovation Show, reruns of Changing Rooms, and even Rick Otton Podcasts on fixing and flipping.

To be honest, painting a room is already one of the cheapest ways to give it a fresh lease on life. Not only does it brighten up what may be a dull look, but it also gives you that brilliant, new look that simply spurs your interest in the room or home again. Plus it is a good way to increase the sale value if you are looking to put that old house on the market.

Therefore, as a DIY fan, it must be refreshing to learn that there are ways through which you can make painting your house even cheaper still. With these tips, you might just end up gsave money repainting your house, how to repaint your house, how to save money repainting your houseetting paid to paint your own house. As if!

Buy in bulk

Once again Captain ‘Economies of Scale’ comes to the rescue. Buying in bulk has always been the best way to save some money on any purchase. The same is true when it comes to buying pain. Instead of buying single litre cans of paint, why not buy 5 litre or 10-litre cans? Of course, this means that you will have a great deal of paint at your disposal. Buying in bulk makes sense if you intend to paint the whole house and if you have a lot of surface area to cover. In many cases, you will find that buying a 5 litre can of paint is equivalent to buying four 1 litre cans. This means you get one litre absolutely free.

Buy high-quality paint

Now, we know that this sounds like the exact opposite of saving money but trust us, it will save you a truckload of cash in the end. Buying the cheapest paint just to save a few quid is very tempting for those of us who do not know the life-cycle of paint jobs. For starters, cheap paints will be much thinner than high-quality paints. Which means that you will need more of it. Which kind of beats the purpose because that money adds up. Secondly, cheap paint does not last that long on those walls. Within a year, you will need yet another paint job. Just grit your teeth and spend a little more on the high-quality paint. Buy it in bulk and rest assured that you will not need another paint job for years to come.

Mix your own paint

To pull this off, you will need a working knowledge of primary colours and how they all come together to form other colours. You will also need a lot of leftover paint, which shouldn’t be so difficult to find considering most homes have cans of these just lying about. You can buy the leftover paint for next to nothing, mix them up to come up with the colours you want and go to town on that old house.

Finally, you should use better tools and learn how to paint. A lot of paint wastage happens because we either use the wrong type of paint brushes or our rollers are too old. Get your hands on high-quality tools for the job and you can be sure that you will have an easy and efficient time spreading that paint on the wall. Also, learn how to paint. Use little tricks like not squeezing the roller on the wall to get all the paint out. A light touch will do the job just fine plus it will reduce the amount of paint you use.

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