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Make Picture Perfect Memories In Your Ultimate Outdoor Space

An outdoor space is the one of the best places in your house to welcome and entertain your family and friends. If you want to make picture-perfect memories with your family in this space, then better check on this article to improve this special room in your home:

Make it a year round hangout

Your outdoor retreat will end up being unused most days if you forget to install multi-seasonal appliances like a fireplace or a fan in that space. This way, your family can cool-off during warm summer nights and keep warm in the winter.

Outdoor spaces will have to face harsh sunlight, rain, and even snow. Thus, it’s also very practical to choose solid and weather-proof furniture which can withstand anything that mother nature throws at it all year long.

Outdoor Screens

Privacy screens are a must-have if your backyard is very close to your neighbours. John Gidding, an outdoor space designer, created a tall vertical screen and installed them at the back of a sprawling lounge area. Not only do these screens provide some shade during sunny mornings, but it also blocks your neighbours from getting a 360 degree view of your activities.

Bring the indoors out

DIY projects, design of your outdoor space, outdoor space, outdoor kitchen, outdoor retreat

Having a comfortable outdoor space is important. otherwise, you’ll have no incentive to use it.

I’ve said earlier that having weather-proof furniture is essential for every outdoors space. This doesn’t mean, however, that the furniture you choose should be uncomfortable.

In fact, one piece of advice many designers agree on is that you should make your outside lounge as comfortable as possible. Imagine your outdoor space as if it was your indoor living room. So bring out those comfortable and spacious couches, maybe throw in a small dining table and some draperies and paintings too!

If you’re the type who likes to cook for your friends and family on a regular basis, then it’s also great if you can add in an outdoor kitchen to your space! Designer Ashley Astleford equipped her outdoor kitchen with sinks, stovetops, countertops, and even an electric pink refrigerator to match the Mediterranean style of her outdoor space.

Improving the ambience

According to Greg Schaumburg, a designer from Hursthouse Landscape Architects & Contractors, floating candles add an intimate detail to the design of your outdoor space. If you want to add a layer of whimsy to this intimate feel, you can try adding potted plants and blooming flowers around the space too. Believe me when I say that the combination of these elements can light up any dinner or lunch party.

Another way to introduce ambience to your outdoor space is through mounting small waterscapes into the area such as a small waterfall or a bubbling fountain. Schaumburg also explains that water fountains don’t only add design it also provides the calming sound of rushing of water.

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