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Luxury Bathrooms On A Budget

Some people treat their bath as a personal spa where they can let loose and relax after a very tiring day. The only problem is that renovation costs for a luxurious bath could reach up to £12,000, that’s why not a lot of people get to achieve the bathroom of their dreams. If you want Read More

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DIY Money Saving Tips

Most people I know do DIY projects around the house because they don’t want to pay people for work that they could do on their own. But no matter how golden their intentions are, most of the time these DIY heroes end up spending more than they want. If you’re always frustrated about renovation costs, Read More

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A Guide On How To Measure Building Materials Correctly

One of the tricks to save on renovation costs is to make sure that you order the correct materials at the correct amount. That is why I’m giving you some simple tips on how to compute for the right amout of materials in this latest blog. Concrete for Foundations Based on my experience with self-build Read More

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New Changes In UK’s Health And Safety Laws You Need To Know

Starting 6 April 2015, homeowners performing their own property renovations and home builds are now covered by revised CDM regulations that focus on regulations intended for health and safety on renovation sites. For the most part, the new rules on Health and Safety Management won’t get in the way of self builders and renovators. But Read More

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Can Renovators Benefit From Seller Finance?

PROS of Seller Finance Many builders and renovators I know are self-employed. However, it’s not a secret that self-employed people have a more difficult time qualifying for home loans because they don’t have a “stable” income stream. I’m writing this, because banks have a more rigid description of what a stable income stream is, and, Read More

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How To Renovate A Rundown Property

Before you buy • Find a house One of the ways to find a property for your plan and budget is by contacting real estate agents. Going this route, however, could take a few months, depending on the number of clients that estate agents have. You can also try asking family members or friends if Read More

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A Crash Course On Barn Conversion

Now that home values in cities around the UK have increased significantly, people are now looking at properties in the countryside. For people who really want to revel in the countryside charm and are adventurous enough to incorporate the theme into their homes, one piece of advice I can give is to renovate an existing Read More

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Tips For A Profitable Renovation

More Space, More Profits Extra space is the number one strategy to add value to a house during a property renovation sale. It’s not the new paint job, windows, door knobs, or other furniture which do it for you. Channel 4’s Restoration Man George Clarke explained that small extensions won’t add much to the value Read More

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Save A Ton Of Pounds With Air Tight Homes

Many countries around the world, especially third world countries, are experiencing the negative effects of climate change. To ease up on the effects of our wasteful lifestyle on Mother Earth, there is a movement to go “green” from about everything and anything under the sun, and one of these movements are focused on the promotion Read More

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DIY Eco Houses That Won’t Drain Your Pocket

You read it right. Earth bags are just what their name suggests: a house made up of sacks filled with dirt or sand. There’s no need for elaborate plans to construct these homes, since you just pile on the bags to create one big, sturdy wall or structure, then just finish it off with a Read More

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