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Top 3 DIY Projects For The Weekend Warriors

Let’s face it. Regular blokes, like you and I, don’t have a lot of time to do big renovations on our own. We may have the passion and the heart for DIY and property renovation, but the realities of our 9 to 5 jobs make it hard for us to take on new projects every Read More

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5 Essential Renovation Tips

Renovation is one of the property investment strategies that property owners often employ. The Real Estate world is becoming more competitive year after year. As a result, property owners are more motivated to make their properties even better. If you own a home or an apartment, you are already familiar with this strategy. As soon Read More

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Property Renovation In The UK

DIY giant Homebase recently announced that they will be closing down a quarter of its stores come 2019. Upon hearing this news, 2 things dawned on me. First, I need to start thinking of a way on how to repurpose their big outlets. Second, is this the start of the end for property renovation in Read More

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4 Ways To Find The Perfect Contractor

Finding the right contractor is essential in making high-end and high-value renovations. But finding them is a tough job these days, which is why I’m sharing with you some techniques on how to spot the perfect contractor for all your renovation needs. 1. Interview Local Building Inspectors Let’s face it: few investors ever think of Read More

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Simple Ways To Save On Your Income Property Renovation Project

Carrying out renovation on your investment property enables you to enhance the functionality of the space while boosting its value. Whether you have decided to fully refurbish your entire commercial property or just make some minor improvements, you need to consider budget first. Funds have always been an obstacle when it comes to home renovation. Read More

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7 ‘Better Than New Materials’ That Can Be Salvaged From Property Renovation Projects

Property renovation projects can be a gold mine of great materials if you know what to look for. Here are 7 objects which are “better than new” even when salvaged from a build site. 1. Hardware and Accessories Out of all the 21 century sayings nothing is more true that the phrase: “they don’t make Read More

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7 Things That Silently Kill The Value Of Your Home

People always want to know about things that could add value to their home, but rarely do they think if their actions and some external factors might be the one impairing the price of their property. Read on to find out 7 things that secretly kill the value of your home. Read More

How To Add Value To A House Without Waiting For Capital Gains

1. Add more space Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the number of bedrooms which adds to the value of a house- it’s the total space which does. So if you want to double the space of your property and also add a substantial amount of value into it, the most advisable projects to take Read More

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4 Ways To Primp Up Your House On A Budget

We have an age old saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” This simply means that beauty is subjective, and what might be beautiful for one person isn’t necessarily the same for other people. Well, this might be true for physical beauty, but I can’t say the same for real estate properties.

What I’m trying to say is that in real estate, the house speaks for itself. If it looks nice then you’ll definitely catch a good price, in good market conditions, but if it looks bad then prepare to wait a very long time before your property gets an offer. Read More

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8 Sure-Fire Tips To Make Any Renovation Profitable

1. Make it “pop”
Making it “pop” simply means giving houses you’re renovating the “wow” factor. While you don’t need to make the entire property “pop” (for reasons that will be explained later), you will need to focus your efforts on 3 key areas in the house which are the: entrance, kitchen, and bathroom. Read More

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