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Simple and Inexpensive DIY Projects for the Bathroom

We take a look at simple, inexpensive DIY projects that can improve the look and function of your bathroom AND increase the value of your home!

There are very many simple and inexpensive ways to make your bathroom look and function better. These DIY projects for the bathroom will not only breathe new life into your bathroom, but will increase the value of your home in general.

Inexpensive DIY projects for bathroom

By now, you all know that I like using my hands. I am a die-hard DIY fan who takes every opportunity I get to improve the state of my home and, quite frankly, to appease my wife. Our bathroom, and lately the kid’s bathroom as well, have been at the top of my wife’s mind. Here are some simple DIY projects that should get the job done.

How to improve water pressure in your showerheads

Before we go into the aesthetics of renovation, let us take a quick look at actual functionality. No matter how beautiful your bathroom looks, if the water pressure from your showerhead is nothing to write home about, you will not have that much fun using your gorgeous bathroom. If you find that the water pressure from your showerhead is a little wanting, try unscrewing it to check if it has a reducer installed. Today, most showerheads come with these devices. They are a wonderful way to save water and money, but can be a pain in the backside sometimes. If your showerhead has a reducer (it will be that brightly coloured thing inside the head) simply pull it out.

In some cases, however, the low water pressure will be due to mineral deposits in the head that restrict the flow. Simply soak the head in vinegar (doing so in warm conditions makes the vinegar works faster). If the pressure is still low, then check the shut off valves.

Give your bathroom a quick facelift

bathroom diy projects, how to improve your bathroom, cheap bathroom diy ideas, cheap bathroom renovations

Painting the bathroom can work wonders.

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs for it to look brand new is a quick facelift. Apply a new coat of paint on the cabinets, replacing damaged or faded tiles, clean the mirror every now and then and make sure that all the grim, usually found between the tiles and around the faucets, are cleaned out. Just a little cleaning and a few small replacements will give the bathroom a fresh beautiful look.

Get creative with your decorations and bathroom furniture

You can jazz up a boring looking bathroom getting creative with your decorations. Just walking through your local arts and crafts market, you will find the most bizarre of things that you can use in the bathroom. Maybe get a beautiful designed jar in the form of a wild animal to hold your toothbrushes; maybe pick up a few paint and vinyl stickers that will bring life to your boring white bathroom tiles; or maybe you could buy eccentrically designed bathroom curtains to bring colour and life into the place.

You do not have to hire a contractor to breathe life into your dull bathroom. All it takes is a little creativity and a maybe just a bit of money and you have the best-looking bathroom in the neighbourhood. The best part is that you can involve the whole family in these simple, yet inexpensive DIY bathroom projects.

For those of you who want other ideas on low-cost refurbishing projects, I usually visit “This Old House” for reference or listen to fix-and-flip podcasts like this Rick Otton Radio show episode.

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