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Smart Ways To Decorate Small Spaces

My brother recently moved to a condominium in the city and I’ve been helping him figure out ways on how to make his room feel less like a rectangular box. Luckily, with just a dash of creativity and common sense, you can beat the limitations of living in a small space.

So to everyone who’s also living in a small space, I’m sharing with you some of the solutions we used to make a small space feel more like home:

Start organising

Everybody knows that a room filled with clutter can make a room feel small. If you don’t want to make your already small space feel even smaller, then you’d better start organising all that stuff in your house.

Swap that big bathroom mirror for a move versatile medicine cabinet. With the second item, you get to check yourself in the mirror and store essential items at the same time. You can also place a small hook by the door to serve as a key and coat holder for you and your guests.

Customise your stuff

Customising furniture is very important, since regular furniture isn’t really measured for small spaces. Without customising, you’ll end up either with a bed that’s filling up your entire bedroom or one that can’t even fit in your door.

Unfortunately, customising is a very intimidating concept for many homeowners, because the word is usually associated with expensive items. This isn’t always the case. Some shops offer quality custom jobs on furniture at the regular price.

The only downside with customising is the very long waiting time before your customised furniture gets delivered at your doorstep. Personally, I don’t mind the long lead time, since I know that once the product arrives, the time spent waiting will be worth it.

Place your curtains in the right place

: make your room appear taller or wider, painting your room, living in a small space, quality custom jobs, customizing furniture

Window curtains can do wonders in making your space look taller or wider than it really is.

Did you know that carefully placed curtains and curtain rods could make your room appear taller or wider? Shocked? I was too when I first found out about this designing secret.

Apparently, if you want to add height to your small space, choose long curtains for your windows, but if you want to make your room look wider, push your curtains back to both sides of your window.

If you don’t know what works best for your room then take a photo of your curtain and rod placed just above the window opening. Then take another picture where the curtain and rod placed about 5″ from the ceiling. Compare the 2 photos and choose what fits best for your space.

Put some colour into your walls

I always read in the design articles and blogs that painting your room in one colour makes it appear larger, but contrary to popular belief, colour actually brings movement, pattern, and style to a very cramped space.

Since you’re living in a small space, it’s best to choose a colour scheme that you can bear seeing every day and make sure that the shades you’ll choose will really go well with each other.

With a little creativity and the right set-up, you can still make a small space be a comfortable place to stay!

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