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How To Modernise Your Walls

A quick and easy way to update the look and feel of your house is to modernise your wall colours. Here are some easy tips how. So, in my last DIY project, we focused on how to modernise wall colours. Paint is a great way to inexpensively make things feel a little fresher and newer. Read More

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3 Of My Worst DIY Project Mistakes

DIY projects can be save you money – if you can get them right. Here are my worst DIY project mistakes that you will hopefully avoid. Taking on a DIY project at home can be exciting and scary at the same time depending on the scope of the project and your actual expertise as a Read More

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Clean That Reclaimed Brick DIY Style!

There are times when have no choice but to use reclaimed bricks for your DIY project. In case you find yourself in this situation, follow these tips to make the work easier and safer! There are 2 common reasons why people choose to do a labour intensive task like cleaning reclaimed bricks. Firstly, they want Read More

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DIY Projects You Shouldn’t Tackle On Your Own

People DIY to save money. However, there are just some projects that can be too dangerous or time consuming to take on yourself. Here are 4 DIY projects that require professionals to complete. As you can see from my past articles, I’m a hard core DIY enthusiast. I enjoy taking on DIY projects so much, Read More

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Extra Details To Perfect Your Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel is a popular project for hardcore DIY enthusiasts. Although it’s been done so many times by various people, there are some aspects of this DIY project where some aficionados still miss the mark. If you want to conduct a perfect remodel the next time you take on this project, try to consider Read More

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DIY Money Saving Tips

Most people I know do DIY projects around the house because they don’t want to pay people for work that they could do on their own. But no matter how golden their intentions are, most of the time these DIY heroes end up spending more than they want. If you’re always frustrated about renovation costs, Read More