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DIY Projects Kids Can Help With

Involving kids with DIY projects is a good way to nurture their creativity and to keep them busy. Here are DIY Projects kids can help with during the holidays or weekends. Getting your kids to help with household chores can be a nightmare for most parents. Unless you find the right combination of ‘carrot and Read More

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How To Plaster Walls Yourself To Save Money And Add Value To Your Property

Being able to plaster your own walls will help you improve the aesthetics and Add value of your home. I love watching videos and tuning in podcasts on home refurbishments to get project ideas for myself. Perhaps, one of my favourite episodes is a Rick Otton podcast on Fixing and Flipping property, because they talk Read More

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How To Fix Up Your Fireplace

Here are some tips on how to fix up your fireplace There was a 2013 article from This is Money that mentioned how a fireplace could increase your property’s value AND cut heating bills at the same time. Naturally, my wife liked the pictures in the article and had asked me if it was possible Read More

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What Every Homeowner Should Prepare For Before A Remodel

Home improvement shows make remodelling your home look so easy. But before calling the pros, there are 4 things you must do should you decide to remodel. Sometimes when I sit alone in the kitchen, I think about ways on how I can improve the layout of the area. This doesn’t happen in the kitchen Read More

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5 DIY Renovations You Can Finish Over The Weekend!

Regular folks use their weekends to relax. But if you want to make your weekends more productive by transforming your house to looking fresh and new, why not try some of these DIY projects you can finish in one weekend: Strip and stain wood cabinets Stripping and staining breathe new life to old wood furniture Read More

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Make Picture Perfect Memories In Your Ultimate Outdoor Space

An outdoor space is the one of the best places in your house to welcome and entertain your family and friends. If you want to make picture-perfect memories with your family in this space, then better check on this article to improve this special room in your home: Make it a year round hangout Your Read More

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DIY Money Saving Tips

Most people I know do DIY projects around the house because they don’t want to pay people for work that they could do on their own. But no matter how golden their intentions are, most of the time these DIY heroes end up spending more than they want. If you’re always frustrated about renovation costs, Read More