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A Crash Course On Barn Conversion

Now that home values in cities around the UK have increased significantly, people are now looking at properties in the countryside. For people who really want to revel in the countryside charm and are adventurous enough to incorporate the theme into their homes, one piece of advice I can give is to renovate an existing Read More

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4 Ways To Find The Perfect Contractor

Finding the right contractor is essential in making high-end and high-value renovations. But finding them is a tough job these days, which is why I’m sharing with you some techniques on how to spot the perfect contractor for all your renovation needs. 1. Interview Local Building Inspectors Let’s face it: few investors ever think of Read More

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7 ‘Better Than New Materials’ That Can Be Salvaged From Property Renovation Projects

Property renovation projects can be a gold mine of great materials if you know what to look for. Here are 7 objects which are “better than new” even when salvaged from a build site. 1. Hardware and Accessories Out of all the 21 century sayings nothing is more true that the phrase: “they don’t make Read More