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Tips For A Profitable Renovation

More Space, More Profits

Extra space is the number one strategy to add value to a house during a property renovation sale. It’s not the new paint job, windows, door knobs, or other furniture which do it for you.

Channel 4’s Restoration Man George Clarke explained that small extensions won’t add much to the value of your property. So go big or go home.

property renovation sale, renovation property for sale, property renovation checklist, property renovation advice

Always remember: space matters!

Sure, a 5 metres by 5 metres extension would cost you around £20,000, but by adding just £1,000 you get 6 metres by 6 metres extension, and much better space in the end.

Green is the colour of money

When potential homebuyers take a peek of the front or backyard of your property and what they see is a jungle of unkempt shrubbery and all sorts of plants everywhere, they don’t see the garden’s “potential.” What they see is a sea of unmanageable mess that they don’t get away from as soon as possible, and you don’t want your property to hang in the market just because of some weeds.

If you really don’t have the time to trim the weeds yourself, hiring a gardner even once or twice a year would do the trick, and it really makes a huge difference in creating a positive impact to the buyers.

Keep things in proportion

Homeowners often overlook the importance of having a proportionate number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a house.

Put your feet in the shoes of the buyer, the idea of living in a 5 bedroom house with a common bathroom, isn’t really enticing. Are they going to go to the shower all at the same time just so they go to work or school on time in the morning? It’s utter chaos when you think about it.

One piece of truthful property renovation advice I can give you is that, more bedrooms doesn’t mean higher property prices, and buyers would still prefer to buy a 4 bedroom house with 2-3 bathrooms over a 7 bedroom house with a common bathroom anyday.

Think Ahead

Some buyers appreciate it when the house they are buying already have the appropriate planning permission for a basement or extension. I highly recommend doing this for every enterprising investor out there, because this adds value to a property without doing any building work.

Put some fun into your house

Call it whatever you want, a play room or media room, but whenever there’s a recreational room a house’s value definitely climbs up.

The only problem is that majority of homes in the UK lack the space for rec rooms. One solution is to locate the extra room either inside, or on top of, an existing garage.

Top Add-Ons To Every Home

Full length, floor-to-ceiling doors add an “aristocratic” touch to your home, while Aga ovens add a feel of a country home and a much needed focal point to the property. These additional details on your property renovation checklist could add a little extra pounds into its value.

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