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Tips For Landscaping Your Property To Raise Curb Appeal

I’ve shared this fix and flip video from Rick Otton before, highlighting low-cost refurbishment ideas to improve the value of your home. For this article, we can expound on that by focusing on landscaping ideas.

When your home has high curb appeal, it will be easier to sell and might even command a higher price. But creating curb appeal doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money.

You do not have to replace your vinyl sidings with expensive redwood sidings (although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea). We are actually talking about other beautification projects that will make you proud of your home anyway. Here are some landscaping tips to help raise your curb appeal.

Build a fence

Whether you decide to create a living fence or to build a picket one, adding a perimeter fence to your property will add some appeal and value to it. You should ensure that this is okay with your Home Owner’s Association first before you do this – if it is, then go all out. Buyers and valuers will see the effort and give you extra points for the illusion of security and demarcation that a fence brings.

Mow the grass

No one wants to see a mini-shrubbery when they walk into your compound. Make sure that the grass is well kept: trimmed, watered and well manicured. This takes constant maintenance, but it gets less involving the more you do it. Just make sure that everything is as green as can be and that it is all kept at a friendly length from the ground. Try to mimic one of those golf courses you see on TV.

Plant a few flowers and take care of the bed

Summer snowflakes, foxgloves and Pyramidal orchid are all examples of beautiful flowers that you can grow in your garden to give it some life and colour. However, if you are going to do this, you need to make sure that you are ready to take good care of them. Keep them well watered, well weeded and contain them in their designated areas.

Letting your flower bushes run wild will have the exact opposite effect as opposed to creating curb appeal. You can also mix it up a little bit just to keep things looking interesting. Throw in a random tree and some mulch to bring an eclectic allure to the situation.

Build walkways

If you are going to maintain a well-cared for garden, you are going to need walkways. You can build your walkway using any kind of stone you desire. The whole idea is to make sure that the garden has well-demarcated portions and that your visitors have some solid, non-muddy paths to take when walking towards the front door.

In all this, you need to realise that maintenance is key to the whole thing succeeding. Whether you choose to do it yourself or to pay someone to keep an eye on it is up to you. A well-maintained garden and compound allude to the idea that the actual house itself is well-taken care of on the inside. This is what most buyers want to invest in when they buy a house.

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