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Top 3 DIY Projects For The Weekend Warriors

Let’s face it. Regular blokes, like you and I, don’t have a lot of time to do big renovations on our own. We may have the passion and the heart for DIY and property renovation, but the realities of our 9 to 5 jobs make it hard for us to take on new projects every day. That’s when the weekend comes to our rescue. Personally, I use my free time on the weekends to finish up small DIY projects at home.

Since I only have 2 days to finish these projects, I make sure that these DIY projects fit 2 basic criteria.

First, it has to have a practical use. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to waste time, so I make sure that all the finished products are needed and used in my house

Secondly, it doesn’t need too much time or skill to be completed. This one is self-explanatory. Simple projects are easier to complete. That’s it.

If you pick up a complicated project, which requires you to take property renovation courses or what not, there’s a big chance that you won’t be able to finish it before the work week starts again. What’s worse, you might end up spending more than the property renovation costs you want, because you’re going to need an extra set of hands to complete it.

Improve Your Home’s Front Porch Or Entry Way

I really believe that “first impressions last.” If your guests are welcomed with the sight of broken paneling or untrimmed plants, they’ll immediately think that the rest of the real estate is a big train wreck too.

Make the entrance to your house more inviting by painting the front door with a bold and cheerful colour, fitting the door with a decorative lock, or placing a bright new welcome rug in front.

Placing potted plants in the front porch is a simple solution for adding colour and attitude to the area. They’re very practical ornaments to buy, because it doesn’t take much to maintain and rearrange them when needed.

property renovation, property renovation courses, property renovation costs, real estate, property

Cleverly utilised drawers can work wonders

Tinker With Your Drawers

Drawers are, I believe, probably the most under-utilised space in a private property. To break this cycle of misuse, I fitted some drawers in my house with small dividers inside. The end result is a drawer with small cabins where you can place small gadgets from cell phones, tablets, and other hand held devices.
I amped this project to another level by drilling small holes in the sides of the dividers and another back of the drawer, so it can also serve as a charging or docking bay.

Look Up For Inspiration

Like drawers, little attention is given to our home’s ceilings, but the truth is they add to the overall impact of a room.

To get that “wow” factor that everybody’s craving for, paint your ceilings with bold and striking colours, while maintaining a white coat of paint for the trimmings. Light fixtures and ceiling medallions could also add a striking accent to the look and feel of the room’s overhead space.

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