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What Every Homeowner Should Prepare For Before A Remodel

Home improvement shows make remodelling your home look so easy. But before calling the pros, there are 4 things you must do should you decide to remodel.

Sometimes when I sit alone in the kitchen, I think about ways on how I can improve the layout of the area. This doesn’t happen in the kitchen only. When I feel unsatisfied with any part of our house, I immediately go to dreamland and think of how delightful it would be to remodel my house.

However, putting your ideas into a reality isn’t going to be an easy road, unlike some simpler DIY projects. You have to take these following preparations first before you dial the number of the nearest contractor in your area:

Write Down Your Plan

Deciding to remodel your house isn’t a decision you make just because you feel like doing it.

You have to take into consideration your current situation and your goals for the next 5 to 10 years, so that the changes you make in your home can accommodate your current and future needs. Taking care of an old parent, planning to raise kids, or even just keeping a pet are some of these considerations I’m taking about.

Lay Down The Scope Of The Project

It’s important to make a list of rooms or areas that you want to remodel at the earliest possible opportunity. This list should also contain your design ideas for the room, when the project should begin and end, as well as potential candidates on who will be your contractor for the project.

Writing down these conceptual aspects of your project early on can help you determine if you need a full-blown remodel or just a simple update. Having a clear outlook on the project can also help you decide whether you’ll need the assistance of just an interior designer, an architect, a contractor, or a whole team of professionals.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

best books for wealth creation, DIY projects, remodel my house, remodel your house, cost for the remodel

Thanks to online resources, finding design inspirations are easier than ever.

Let me tell you 2 things about design and creativity. First, professionals aren’t the only source of creative ideas for your home. Second, creativity can be reflected not just in the fancy items in your house, but also in the paint colours, flooring, trim details and hardware.

You can draw inspiration from art, a friend’s house, and even your daily routine. Just think that everything around you as a possible design inspiration for your house. My wife loves this part of the planning process, because this is when she gets a valid excuse to browse through Pinterest all day and look for ideas that we can incorporate into our project.

Set A Budget

I read somewhere that it’s ideal to prepare for your total estimated cost for the remodel plus 10 per cent of its value for any surprise expenses.

In order to get your total estimated cost, you have to create another list of the necessary purchases for your project. This list should be exhaustive and must include both big and small purchases from appliances, furniture, window shades, door hardware, flooring, and plumbing fixture.
If you’re lucky, you can ask your contractor to help out in budget planning by suggesting a phase by phase completion of the project. Most trustworthy contractors allow this setup nowadays.

And that’s a good thing because it’s very difficult to enjoy a good looking house if you are burdened by the debt you incurred to achieve it. So be wise – plan ahead and control your budget when trying to make your dream a reality.

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